Common Issues In Warehousing Management

One of the biggest challenges of warehouse management is running at maximum efficiency while cutting costs, keeping your laborers happy, and customers satisfied. Below are some common issues you may run into while managing a warehouse, and the key components to solve those inefficiencies to improve overall operations.

Poor use of Space

No matter the size of the facility, if the space is not utilized to its potential, there can be a major inefficiency with laborers locating stock. Hot stock items that sell fast should be located closest to the loading dock and transportation vehicles in the facility so workers can spend less time walking to stock items. Inventory that is not pulled as frequently should be placed in the back of the warehouse. Organization is also key to maximize your space and for pickers to find inventory quickly and easily. For example, instead of horizontally shelving stock, vertically shelve items to provide more room for inventory and for pickers locate those items easier. Also, each space of the facility should be clearly labeled when new inventory comes in to be placed in the proper location so items aren’t lost or miscounted for when stocking shelves.

Inventory Issues

Inaccurate inventory is a huge problem that drives slower production times and could potentially lead into a late delivery to the customer. To avoid this problem, automated inventory tools need to be utilized in the facility. Poor inventory programs will inevitably result in product loss, decreased profits, and customer dissatisfaction. With the proper tools in place, all inventory will be accounted for, and production will be maximized.

Frequent employee errors

Identifying frequent and excessive mistakes by employees could make a huge improvement with overall operations. First and foremost, have management create weekly detailed reports of employee mistakes and issues that slow down production time. By identifying the problem first, you can get a grasp of where things are going wrong and solve these issues with the employees. Proper routine training for employees is vital when managing any facility. This small step can increase productivity time and in turn can lead to happier customers.

Whether your facility is big or small, the challenge remains the same: running at maximum efficiency while keeping all parties happy. Undoubtedly, this is a difficult task to achieve, but with the solutions listed above, this can definitely be achieved. If you are looking for warehousing services, Adkins Inc can help.  Our warehousing services include outside storage as well as 71,000 square feet of inside storage space. Our location provides easy access to all major highways in and out of Louisville to ensure prompt delivery of your equipment or machinery. We also provide temporary or long-term storage for any equipment at our location prior to shipment.