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Position Overview

Safely coordinates and assembles rigging to lift and move equipment or material in manufacturing plants, rail yards, construction sites and etc.

Responsibilities & Duties

Provides physical labor/support for forklift movement, placement, and operation. Work with forklift teams to establish and integrate designated load and lift plans. Supports the preparation, placement, and rigging used to perform designated lifts. Perform the unloading, hoisting, moving, aligning, assembling, repairing and maintenance of machinery using equipment such as forklifts, gantries, hydraulic jacking systems, cranes, etc.

Work with riggers to

  • Select the appropriate rigging equipment and hardware
  • Identify/utilize appropriate lift points and devices
  • Dismantle equipment when lifts are complete
  • Inspect and maintain rigging equipment and components
  • Store lifting equipment in designated locations
  • Operate forklifts, cranes, trucks, and trailers
  • Comply with all company policies, procedures, and safety guidelines


  • Pass a physical and drug screen
  • Subject to a background check
  • Bonus: Mechanical experience and/or CDL Class A/Class B
  • Please list any and all certifications, qualifications, and experience regarding this position


Negotiable, based on skills and experience.

To apply for this position please email resume’s to or fax to 502-584-7573

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