Vesco Engineering, Cliff Johns

VESCO Engineering is pleased to submit this formal Commendation to Adkins Machinery Movers for the excellent work you did in helping us rehabilitate Flocculation Basin #8 for the Louisville Water Company (LWC). This required you to remove rotating systems, following detailed engineering drawings, specifications, and instructions; remove and replace two large drive sprockets; carefully handle and install corrosion-coated parts; and re-install the system to the high specifications we designed into the project. Overall, this required you to do the highest quality work.

Because of your able assistance, we were able to complete this project safely, on-time, and within budget. More than that, your helpful suggestions and timely efforts enabled us to complete the installation 20% faster than normal.

Your performance was, in many ways, clearly superior to that of most of our past sub-contractors. Your fine employees demonstrated unusually good teamwork and interpersonal communication skills. They all the required removal, assembly, and installation tasks in a highly workmanlike manner. And all of this was done with a sincere interest in employee safety, and with no accidents.

In all of these things, you exceeded our expectations, and those of the LWC. You are the kind of firm which all quality-conscious clients and engineers prize. We commend you for your excellent overall performance, and will be pleased to work with you at any time, and to recommend you to others.

Atlas Machine and Supply, Robert N. Gimmel

I would like to take this opportunity to compliment you and your company on the excellent job you did during our recent move to Riverport.

Ours was an extremely difficult move, involving approximately one hundred and fifty large machine tools. Your input and constant involvement helped insure a minimum of downtime for our company, and in spite of various logistical challenges and occasional timing changes, you managed to complete the job ahead of schedule and under budget. Our special thanks to all of your personnel associated with this job for their outstanding rigging skills, patience, and “Can do!” attitudes.

Atlas Machine has done business with your firm for many years, and we expect to continue for many years to come. Thanks again!

VAC Magnetics, Jeff Clouse

As the Plant Engineer at a manufacturing facility, it is very important for me to have a good working relationship with a dependable contractor for machinery moving and export packing. Adkins is that organization for me.

There have been numerous times that we needed equipment transported across the country or around the world. We most recently closed our manufacturing facility in Kentucky and Adkins was called upon to prepare for transport, over 50 ocean container loads and several air shipments of equipment to Hanau, Germany. We have also had to air freight a complete assembly operation to China in an expeditious manner in order not to delay the delivery of product to our customer. Each time, the people at Adkins have delivered quality work at a competitive price.

Adkins Machinery Movers and Export Packing has always responded to our needs with the sense of urgency that I require. I know that when contracting with Adkins for my rigging and export packing needs, the job will be done right and I have nothing to worry about. Professional, quality workmanship at a competitive price makes Adkins my number one call for machinery moving and export packing.

Griffin & Company, Chris Budniak

As the Project Manager for a large company producing custom-built equipment and tobacco machinery, I have had the pleasure of working with Adkins Export Packing for many years. Everything from small, single-item crates to five (5) completely crated and containerized tobacco-processing plants, Adkins has handled with extreme care and professionalism. Their crating skills and ability to service the customer are second to none. I have worked with many different crating and export companies during my career, but always seem to return to who I consider to be the best in the business. I enjoy dealing with the employees of Adkins, and have been treated with nothing but respect and courtesy.

Adkins has helped me ship crates and containers all over the world, from Mexico to Indonesia and the Philippines. A large amount of our business goes into the People’s Republic of China, into provinces such as Yunnam, Guizhou, Fujian, Sichuan, Shaanxi, and Hubei, Adkins has continued to provide support and guidelines, and keeps current to any local customs, laws, and regulations.

I think you would be doing yourself a great service to use Adkins for any crating or containerization needs.

Yuasa Exide, Larry Axt

I have known and worked with Adkins Export Packing in a customer/supplier business relationship. Adkins has demonstrated a dedication to his business that is very rare today. Adkins has always placed the needs of the customer first, before his own personal convenience.

Adkins Packing has provided service to Exide Corporation and now Yuasa-Exide for the past twenty plus years. Our business relationship involved long term agreements, and while Adkins has grown the past few years taking on new customers, the business relationship between Yuasa-Exide has only gotten stronger.

While focusing on his companies long term interests, Adkins has displayed creativity and flexibility in finding ways to assist and resolve the business “problems and difficulties” which arise in a long-term working relationships with customers. His company has truly demonstrated excellent results, to show our appreciation “Adkins Packing” received an award from Yuasa-Excide for Outstanding Performance.

Louisville Animal Services, Wayne Zelinsky

On behalf of all the animals, staff and volunteers at Metro Animal Services, we want to thank you for  your generous donation after the flash flood on Tuesday, August 4, 2009. Despite limited resources and capacities, we got right back to the job of caring for our shelter animals as soon as the flood waters receded. Because of your generosity, we were able to get back to business as usual in our animal care department almost immediately, but we are still in recovery mode as we continue to repair and rebuild damaged structures.

It’s a full-time, challenging job to provide for all of the animals in our case, even without the added stress of a natural disaster, but we couldn’t let that stand in the way of offering you our sincere thanks. Although this letter may be belated, it is just as sincere as if it were sent right after the flood. We couldn’t have rescued, relocated and returned all of the animals without the support of people like you. Your donation of time, transport, monetary support, equipment and supplies of all kinds were key to our success.

Please know that your contribution allowed us to provide continuous care for our animals during that week, and the donations will help us continue to care for future shelter residents in need. Thank you for supporting your animal services department – now and in the future.

Peck Spring Division/MW Industries, John E. Everett

It has been a sincere pleasure working with you and the other members of your organization. Our recent project of relocating the assets of HS Spring to three (3) MW Industries went off as planned, on budget and on schedule.

Each member of your organization impressed me with their skill, courtesy, professional knowledge and outstanding work ethic. Their ability to properly assess the required actions and promptly follow through allowed us to meet a very aggressive schedule. Their expertise assured that all items arrived in excellent condition.

Communications, always key in a project such as this, were timely and comprehensive.

Thank you again for a job well done. I can assure you we will think of you first for all future projects.

BRI-USA Houston, Scott Mobley

I would like to thank you for your assistance in recommending Adkins Export Packing and Machinery Movers of Savannah  for the purposes of pressure washing the equipment which had been idle on your port for 10 months. The organization extended their services and detail to the stringent requirements of AQIS Import guidelines. The job was finished in a period which was longer then initially expected, but was due to the hard effort of attention to detail to which is required with used oil and or drilling equipment that gets exposed to soil and then imported into that country.

Again, the job was well done and we appreciate your referral of this company to assist us in performing this work.

Kerans & Daly, John C. Kerans

I believe it is either 23 or 24 plants you have export packed several valuable machinery for us and our clients in Louisville. You have not only performed the packing but assisted us in shipping same.

The quality of your work was excellent and most importantly the attention to detail by you and your people was superb. I might add it was always pleasant communicating and most times fun.

It is without reservation I add my recommendation of your film to any potential client considering using your services.

Schenker International, Ron Gatlin

Schenker International, Inc. has worked with Adkins Export Packing for over 15 years at their Louisville location. During these years Adkins Export Packing has proven to be very knowledgeable in all aspects of export crating, handling oversize shipments, involving both transportation and rigging of heavy machinery. They have offered many beneficial suggestions to our company in the transportation of our project cargo. Adkins Export Packing has given our company excellent customer service and have been very dependable. I, personally have not dealt with a packer that has even come close to the quality work and knowledge of Adkins Export Packing.

The Georgia Ports Authority would greatly benefit having a company with the professionalism, knowledge and quality service given by Adkins Export Packing. Their presence would open up the option of using your port for the transportation of oversize and project cargo.

Atlas, Shawn Pace

Atlas wants to thank you and Adkins for the great service that Adkins provides. I called late Wednesday evening and order a crate for delivery on Friday before noon. Atlas finished parts 1 day (Thursday) earlier than thought. Without calling to see if Adkins could get box 1 day before due date. It was already complete and @ Atlas. You can’t ask for better service. Thanks again from the Atlas team.

Destec Engineering, John McCann

Adkins loaded and transported approximately 30 boiler modules with weights up to 400,000 pounds.

They conducted themselves in a very professional manner and are knowledgeable of their job.

Adkins’ crew recently off-loaded a large transformer from a rail car, transported it to location, and off-loaded it to a concrete foundation. Again they performed very professionally and were responsive to my needs.

They work with and around other sub-contractors very well. Destec Engineering, Inc., being a general contractor, finds it a great pleasure working with people of this caliber.

Destec Engineering, Inc. will use Adkins’ services again should the occasion arise, and would recommend him to anyone needing his services. Thank you for a job well done.

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