The Advantages of Using Industrial Shrink-Wrapping Machines

Shrink wrapping is one of the most versatile methods for shipping goods and materials. This plastic film shrinks tightly over objects of all sizes to be shipped locally, or even locations around the globe.  There are many advantages to using a shrink wrap machine while providing a cost-effective solution for your transporting needs. There are many factors to consider which industrial shrink-wrapping machines to suit your transportation and budget needs.


The main concern of shipping large or small objects is keeping the products or materials safe from breaking or being damaged. This strong binding film is weather-proof, which would prevent moisture and pollutants from seeping into materials which could cause damage. This film can also protect your equipment from the sun’s harmful rays.


Shrink-wrap that is applied properly can almost guarantee that your materials will arrive safely to your final destination, because of the strong binding material. This durable film is great for long distances without the worry of packaging tearing or breaking down.

Cost Savings

Because shrink-wrap is so versatile, large objects such as flat-beds or heavy machinery equipment can be wrapped all at once and ready to ship. This saves you a tremendous amount of time, for example, if you are packing up an entire warehouse or an office space. Shrink-wrapping is one of the best cost-effective solutions to save time and money, while alleviating the stress of transporting large objects.

Environmentally friendly

Not only is there a ton of bulky packaging out there, it can be bad for the environment. If you are eco-friendly, shrink-wrap is a great packing material that is recyclable. If you want to take it a step further, there is biodegradable shrink-wrap which is broken down and decomposed naturally now available on the market.


Planning on moving heavy machinery or equipment? Choose Adkins. Adkins, Inc uses a 7-mil industrial shrink-wrapping film to wrap our customer’s equipment prior to export crating or shipment upon request. By covering your equipment with this film, it can protect it from the sun’s rays for up to nine months. This film is waterproof as well as puncture and tear-resistant to ensure safe and secure shipping to your requested destination. We can also use tectyl-506 preservative on your equipment upon request to prevent dust, chemical and water erosion for overseas shipment and containerization.


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